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Sunday, August 7, 2011

United the better off the two Manchester..

Once again, the CHAMPIONS bounced back from a 2-0 goal deficit to win the game 2-3. United started the game in an impressive way and were troubling the city defense with some dazzling passes. Ashly Young, who is getter everyday, seemed promising in the left wings. Though, United had complete control of the ball for first half hour, still the mid field seemed weak.
  City, somehow, managed to score a goal from Lescott and the score was 2-0 when De Gea failed to react quickly to stop the long range from Dzeko . We all have his back, and am sure he will soon shine at Old Trafford.
Well its United we are talking about and you can never write them off. Sir Alex made three changes at the half with Cleverly in for Carrick and that, somewhat, seemed to be the turning point the game. He added life to the United midfield, not forgetting the contribution of Anderson, who was lively too.
Smalling was pretty impressive and he deserved a goal for his lovely passes and run in the right win. He tapped in a volley from a curling free kick by Young. The second goal from United which came just after 7 mins was one of the best team goal from United. Love one touch between, Rooney, Cleverly and Nani were involved. Nani did proper justice to the move with a super cool finish. Finally he added one more goal with a minute left on the clock.
  The champions once again proved why they are the best in England as they go on to win the Community Shield for the third time in a row. GGMU......


nice one bro..... ani hats off to United for such a gr8 comeback

thanks yar.. well thats our united.. the team that u can never write off :)

yeap..GGMU always...nicely written bro..keep up with the writing.. analysis at every game will help us supporters to know what is happening with the team....lods of thanks for this review...

ya Ranar bro has written it very well. And I am very happy that all Manchester United fans have really supported us with this blog. GGMU!!!

anytime dude hahaha... not really though...lol.. i will try to write some as long as i get time :)

btw guys malai ni man paryo yar ... afaile lekheko hahahhahahah

kasam bro .... really a job well done hehe

thanks yar.. we sud continue this... something i enjoyed.. haahha

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