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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

10 Red Devils With A Win

Wayne Rooney's two penalties in the second half helped the still unbeaten United to claim their first win of this season’s Champions League campaign. The match had no much of life in the first half of the play. The home team was very resolute to give anything away to united to have their first triumph.

United failed to penetrate through the rigid defence of the Galati lads as they struggle to put the ball behind the net, even though the reds had most of the ball possessions. United had the control over the match but not really dominated as most of the devils' fan had thought.

Otelul were tireless in their efforts though, and with little in the way of movement from the likes of Rooney, Hernandez, Nani and Valencia, Anderson and Carrick found themselves short of options going forward, with little space to run into in front of them.

The wingers Nani and Valencia had not much of the answers when the opponent stood upto them. The central midfielder's did fantastic job for united to win the ball back. Especially, Carrick once again shone on the Champions League match intercepting the Otelul opportunities and making it hard for the home team to have a lead.

Otelul kept Lindegaard busy testing him in a couples of occasions. The home team could not take advantage of half chances due to some sloppy play at the back.

United looked more threatening in the other half of the play when they seemed to have more ball possessions and were getting the ball higher up the pitch. With no hope of winning the Romanian team were tackling harshly and the booking roused from the 50th minute, with Cornel Rapa being first to go into the book followed by his mates Perendija, Neagu and eventually club captain Costi.

The pressure built by United resulted in the 64th minute. Wayne Rooney drove forward with the ball, and with Hernandez alone in the box, for what would have been an easy finish. Otelul’s captain, Sergiu Costin, blocked the pass with his hand, which the referee correctly awarded a penalty for. Wayne Rooney dispatched the penalty with ease, tucking the ball into the right side of the goal. United were on a lead. But their celebration did not last more than a minute when Nemanja Vidic was sent off. The harsh dismissal of captain Nemanja Vidic for a bookable foul on Gabriel Giurgiu — balanced out by referee Felix Brych’s equally bizarre decision to dismiss Milan Perendija for an 89th minute foul on Javier Hernandez — denied United a comfortable end to a below-par performance.

United lead was doubled by Rooney in stoppage time by the second penalty awarded the night to United, taken both by Rooney when he was fouled by Galati defender. Rooney sent the ball to kiss the net for the secong time in the night to seal a frustrating win for United.

With his two goals, Rooney overtake Paul Scholes as the highest-scoring Englishman in Champions League history with 26 goals. But it will be a hard toil for United to keep off theie nieghbour, Man City this weekend.


play hard this sunday so that the world will know who the champions really are....GGMU

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