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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Glazers to sell 25 percent stakes of Manchester United

According to reports, Man Utd. owners, Glazers are plannings to sell about quarter of the club's shares. But this move will rather strengthen their hold on the club than loosen it.

Selling twenty five percent shares could help the Glazers too clear more than £400million of the club's current debt that is £500m and costs United £45m a years in interests.

This would enable the Glazers paying themselves and the new potential investors.

UBS are advising the sale which is called an initial public offering.

Man Utd.'s worth has astonishing increased after the Glazer's took control of the club. When they took over the club, it's total worth was round about £800m, but now the club is worth £1.7 Billion.

A cilose source said: “The belief is that the Glazers are trying to clear as much of the United debt as possible but still retain at least 75% of the club and therefore stay in full control.

“It’s a smart move. It’s a win-win situation for them because it also enables them to put a stop to the criticism that United is a Glazers’ closed shop.

“If they take this route then they will be open to greater public scrutiny and many United supporters – even those who are their biggest critics – will welcome that.

“To make the club attractive to potential investors they will have to aim to pay dividends to all shareholders.

“If they did that at the moment they would be the only beneficiaries and be accused of taking money directly out of the business.

“If they have got other shareholders they can fully justify paying everyone a dividend – and that would be worth tens of millions of pounds to the Glazers.

“Another factor that would please many fans is that this new funding could also create a situation where more money would be made available for Sir Alex Ferguson to spend on his team.”

The Glazers will hope that this moves at least helps some fans have positive feelings towards their ownership.

If the shares are sold, it would go huge way to ensure the future of club. It would also enable Sir Alex to spend more transfer money.

Since, the Glazers took over Manchester United, the club has always been in debt. The sales of the shares could relieve some tension within the fans about the huge sums of debt.


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sahi ho! glazers ko ghaita ma balla gham lage jasto cha!

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